About Desme Angles

your investments directly contribute to the growth of real-world MSMEs, reshaping the landscape of finance.

Step into the future with DeSME Angels, a pioneering platform by the visionary team behind DeSME. We’re revolutionizing MSMEs investment through decentralized finance, offering you a unique blend of support for local businesses and a seamless investment experience.

At desmeangels.com, we’re unveiling a groundbreaking initiative – individually crowdfunded MSME projects meticulously managed by the DeSME team. With fixed investment pools in ETH, exclusively reserved for DeSME holders initially, each investor receives a unique NFT tied to their pool percentage.

This innovative investment opportunity incurs a nominal 5% initiation fee and a 1.25% fee on monthly profits, while NFTs carry 5% royalty fees for secondary sales. DeSME holders enjoy exclusive benefits, receiving 20% of setup fees, monthly profits, and secondary NFT sales – a unique opportunity for both immediate and sustained returns.

Join us at DeSME Angels, where your investments become a catalyst for personal and MSME success, all while being part of the future of finance 

Benefits of MSME Investments

Invest Securely, Support Real-World Businesses, Earn Profits.

Higher Profit Potential

MSMEs enjoy lower entry barriers, reduced regulatory burdens, and diminished ancillary expenses.

Faster turn around time

Due to their leaner and more streamlined operations, MSMEs often have quicker breakeven periods than their bigger counterparts.

Resilience in downturn

MSMEs have shown amazing resilience. MSMEs offering necessary goods and services, maintain steady demand and income even during challenging economic times.

Short break even time

MSMEs achieve faster breakeven due to streamlined operations, reduced reliance on expensive equipment and facilities, resulting in lower initial and ongoing costs.

lower financial Risk

Due to the nature and definition of MSMEs, investing in them entails portfolio diversification. Due to size limitations, it is necessary to diversify investments among multiple businesses.

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