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Development Timeline

This dynamic platform will serve as a unique space for DeSME holders to view comprehensive details of all partnered MSME businesses. Moreover, it will also feature a token-gated portion of the site where live stats of the businesses will be displayed.

Phase 1

This initial phase involves the development of the public but less dynamic part of the website. This section will provide information on MSME partners and general information related to the concept and utility of DeSMEAngels

Timeline for Phase 1

Phase 2

This phase will develop the $DeSME token-gated area of the website, which will provide real-time updates on MSME partnerships, Live sales and profit stats, Cumulative sales numbers from all MSME partners, etc.

Start: 7th January 2024

First Draft: Monday, 15th January, 2024, and the site will go live with Phase 2 completed on

Final Version: Sunday, 21st January, 2024.

Phase 3

we plan to introduce individually crowdfunded MSME projects, managed by the DeSME team. Each project will be listed with a fixed investment pool in ETH, reserved initially for DeSME holders before being opened to non-holders. Investors will be given a unique NFT corresponding to their investment percentage in the pool.

Phase 4


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